Youth’s training

MBI Netherland provides badminton training facilities for youth under 16 years. This training is open to all youth in the Netherlands regardless of their citizenship.

One of the goals of MBI in providing this training is to give badminton techniques correctly.

Youth training is divided into 2 categories;

1. Beginner
This category is intended for youth who have just started playing badminton and have no basic badminton techniques or for those who just want to play normally.

2. Selection
This category is intended for youth who have mastered the basics of badminton techniques and want to improve their skills either technique and condition.

Training materials consist of :
– warming up before the exercise
– how to handle racket
– how to hit the shuttlecock correctly
– steps and footwork
– body position and movement
– techniques

If your children are interested in joining this program, please contact us for further information.

Click this for youth training SCHEME.