Internal Competition

Intern MBI tournament 2019:

It has been our activity that every Sunday afternoon we play MABAR, free play badminton against each other, either for sportive and fun.
To make the atmosphere even more fun MBI will organize an internal tournament which will take place between February and June 2019. Just join us and win a nice prize!

 The participants:

  1. Old and non-active MBI members 
  2. Active MBI members
  3. Stripping card holders
  4. MBI youth training
  5. KBRI staff The Hague


  1. Singles 
  2. Doubles 

Competition system and regulations:

  1. Contribution of € 3, – / person
  2. You can register until 31 January 2019 (via Ismail, Verdi or Trisno)
  3. The game will be played on Sunday afternoon between 13.00 – 16.00
  4. A participant can play a maximum of 1x match on Sunday
  5. All matches are played according to “The best of three sets”, 2 won sets (2 points)
  6. In the double event, everyone plays with everyone from the list of participants, you will have to change every game with another partner
  7. The participants are obliged to play all matches
  8. The participants may decide for themselves when to play
  9. The results of your matches should be delivered to Ismail, Verdi or Trisno

Participants must use their own shuttles

For each event, there are nice presents available for 1st and 2nd place